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Temporary protections

They are essential to protect and preserve both interior and exterior surfaces while maintenance work is taking place onboard. Temporary protections are key for any kind of repair work and transportation.

We adapt our temporary protections to the specific needs of each boat and use only the best reusable materials.

Textile cleaning & treatments

We do all kinds of textile treatments, carpet and upholstery cleaning, dry-clean, stain removal, disinfection, water & fireproofing, etc.
We are the first ‘WOOLSAFE approved service provider’ company in Spain.

Technical cleaning

Our team specializes in both exterior and interior technical cleaning (engines, hulls, teak surfaces, interior detailing, …) and provides certified disinfection for galleys, cold storages and more.


We offer a vast range of cleaning products of our own creation in compliance with the MARPOL agreement.

We keep on investigating to produce highly efficient and environment-friendly products for a professional and sustainable result.

Biotechnological Products workshop Palma.

November, 2019|0 Comments

Please be aware our next workshop about Biotechnological Products: Teak Maintenance, Odor Elimination & Waste Water treatments, will be taking place in Astilleros de Mallorca, next Thursday, November the 14th at 13H15. Organised by Acrew, we now propose each year a practical workshop to discover [...]

Self-draining matting rental in Palma

March, 2019|0 Comments

We are pleased to inform all yacht in Palma about our new temporary protections rental service. Self-draining barefoot matting rental One of the best materials for a quick temporary protection matting on board in now available for rent. No more need to buy these costly [...]

Biotechnological Products workshop, Port Vauban, Antibes.

October, 2018|0 Comments

Next week we will be in Port Vauban, Antibes, participating in an Acrew event with a great workshop about biotechnological products. Environmental impact is a major responsibility for the maritime and Super Yacht industry. Nature observation has come along to help producing heavy duty totally [...]