Large yacht bilge cleaning in Palma

||Large yacht bilge cleaning in Palma

We are having a busy summer at Nautiel Palma and we love it.

Since our first projects in Palma at the end of 2015, we have been working in several projects in 2016 and formed a team of 5 well trained workers now available for specific services on large yachts such as detailing, specialized cleaning, temporary protections, shrink wrapping, and more.

We are proud to share photos of some of our last projects. In that case a bilge cleaning in Palma for a project of Astilleros de Mallorca. The bilge of this yacht suffered a sea water inundation after an accident.

Bilge cleaning is a technical service and needs special trained workers, specific products (we use Nautiel bilge cleaner or our new ECO Bilge cleaner) and specific waste management.

Bilge cleaning is some of the important cleaning tasks on board as most bad odours on board come from bilge dirt.





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