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Winter boat covers

Our boat covers preserve your boat fron dust, rain, UV, wind, … during winter in shipyard, dry dock or even mooring.

The material is reinforced polyethylene with ultra-violet protection. These covers may be used for 4 years.

They are very durable and may be adapted to any boat dimensions.  Our pre-formed covers will bring you great value per cost as they are very resitente, secure, reliable, giving a great image a the same time.

Boat covers benefits:

– It allows working inside regardless the weather.

– They are breathable and optional zipped door access are availables.

– They are reusable for many years and washable.

– It will save you from long cleaning efforts or costs by possible damages during winter time.

Economic boat covers for dry marinas

We also propose thinner plastic covers for dust protection for boat wintering inside garage, special warehouses or dry marinas.
These covers are suitable for any boat size, it will adapt easily to your boat in a few minutes.
Ask for rates and delivery time.