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Hygiene in food terms is an absolute priority in any community.

In super yachts, the health of the crew falls in largely at the cookers. In addition to a balanced diet for the crewmembers, a strict hygiene habits are essential. Large vessels have large cold rooms to ensure provision of food for their crew and guests during their long sailing periods.

The proliferation of microorganisms on surfaces, mainly from stored foods, is undeniable. Despite being subjected to low temperatures, fungi grow in the most unsuspected corners… Once a year a complete disinfection is highly recommended.

Cold rooms and galley maintenance

Precisely to maintain an optimum environment and minimize the risks of food contamination it is imperative to keep all surfaces free from accumulations of dirt, food and waste remains.

The cleaning of the cold rooms should be done all year long with products duly registered as suitable for food use and in the recommended proportions.

Nautiel Service is your professional partner in Spain for your periodical deep cleanings, helping to keep the galley and its elements,macerators, fryers, furniture, ovens, as well as cool rooms and dry stores in the higher hygiene standards.


We recommend pre-cleaning, making sure to act on all surfaces of the chamber, ceilings, walls, furniture and floors, as well as ventilation elements. Rinse thoroughly with water and then disinfect.

Some products allow to carry out the process in a single operation, but rinsing between one and another application (cleaning and disinfection), ensures a better result and verification that we have actually acted on all surfaces.

Lastly it is important to follow a cleaning plan, record in a document all those useful data to know the procedures used, the date of completion, persons who have done the cleaning, products and dilutions, materials used and time of ozonization.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a great ecological cleaning process for specially complicated environments such as kitchens, galley, ovens, fryers,

Certified Ozone disinfection and deodorization

Ozone is one of the best existing disinfectants.

Innocuous in its right proportions, it is used in innumerable applications. From water treatments in pools or cooling towers, reservoirs, to the disinfection of operating rooms, through the curing of Hams in meat industries, or as a deodorizer and environmental purifier, among others.

Once the cleaning process has been completed, a deodorization and total disinfection treatment with an ozone generator is highly recommended. Its enormous oxidation capacity will guarantee a perfect environment for food storage.

Nautiel Service, S.L provides the necessary resources as well as trained and experienced personnel with knowledge of current legislation to apply the cleaning methods most appropriate to the needs that arise.

We provide clients with a Certificate extended by the ITEL (Spanish Cleaning Institute). This Certificate may be asked by spanish autorities in some specific inspections or inmigration cases.