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Certified flame retardant

Nautiel service provide MCA Certified flame retardant treatment for Vessels Certified Under the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code by Fire Stop Pro

Fire on board is some of the most important dangers in the yachting industry. According to our commitments on specialized textile treatments, Nautiel Service now proposes MCA certified Fire Retardant treatments and certificates, being national exclusive dealer for Fire Stop Pro.


¿What are the requirements of the MCA, MGN 453?

Under the requirements of the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code, for vessels of 500GT and over, unless a fully addressable fire detection system is fitted, upholstery, bedding components and suspended textiles are required to be inherently fire retardant.

For vessels of less than 500GT, unless the space is fitted with sprinklers or equivalent approved fixed fire extinguishing systems, upholstery and suspended textiles are required to be inherently fire retardant.

¿Who may certify fire retardant treatment?

The MCA has produced MCA Approval Procedures and a Declaration of Conformity to identify the companies that provide fire retardant treatment as an equivalence to inherently fire retardant materials, onboard vessels certified under the MCA Large Commercial Yacht Code.

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From 1 October 2012, Service Provider of any fire retardant treatment must be approved, and certified in accordance with these Procedures.

¿How often should you treat your textiles on boart?

Date of re-treatment shall not exceed 24 months, and is to be specified on the Declaration of Conformity. However, if treated materials are regularly cleaned onboard, then more frequent retreatment may be required. Re-treatment every 12 months is recommended.

Nautiel Service is exclusive represent for Spain and portugal lands of Fire Stop Pro, MCA Certified service provider for fire retardant treatment for Floor Coverings, Suspended Textile Materials, Upholstery Materials and Bedding Components.

For other yacht we also propose certified flame retardant treatments according to european laws :

– Suspended Textile Materials : UNE EN 13773:2003

– Upholstery Materials : UNE EN 1021-1:1994 y UNE EN 1021-2:1994

– Carpet : UNE EN 13501-1:2002

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