Dry Clean Barcelona – On board delivery

||Dry Clean Barcelona – On board delivery

Sending out laundry to local dry cleaners and laundry service companies is a good solution to manage laundry on a Superyacht. Cloth, bedding, table linen, …

Dry Clean

Dry Clean BarcelonaOutsourcing your dry clean to a reliable specialised company is the best choice ever. Depending your planning and the items it is highly recommended to select carefully your specialized dry cleaner.

On board Superyacht, you will often manage special fabrics such as silk, cashmere, velvet or embellishments and guest couture clothing.

At Nautiel’s, luxurious fabrics and couture clothing are part of our daily job.

Dry Clean BarcelonaWe pay special attention to details. All your items will be received, searched for stains, listed and an inform will be sent for approval. T hen dry clean, pressing and on board delivery will be done as fast as possible, always ensuring best treatment for each fabric and item.

Please inform about the the yacht’s standard, especially for the folding. The delivery will be done in best conditions to ensure direct lodging on board.


Our Dry clean team include seamstresses used to work on very special clothing. They manage embellishments during the dry clean procedure ensuring best results.

leather restoring barcelonaLeather restoring

Our team offers additional expertise, one of them is leather restoring. Please consult as we may restore leather clothing but also leather furniture on board.

On board delivery in Barcelona

Our special dry clean collecting service for superyacht is available in Port Vell, Port Olympic and other locations in Barcelona.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.




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