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Nautiel Service proposes high quality and confidence dry cleaning for yachting industry in Barcelona.

 – Pick up and delivery on board

– Perfect results

– Best delivering terms

– Inspection and proforma invoice

Dry cleaning german technology

We associate fine hand made work and up to date technology to ensure total satisfaction for owners, captains and crews.
The latest technology helps us to adapt the cleaning system to the nature of the clothes keeping their original features.
After checking, we do realise some services directly in Nautiel Service Barcelona facilities, some others are sent to our plant outside Barcelona for heavy duty and technical treatments.

Environmental friendly laundry

We use ozonizated water for classical laundry to ensure the best results and the most environmental friendly procedures in all steps.

Ozonizated water helps

– insuring disinfection of the laundry

fabric friendly stain removing

– working with lower temperatures

– using less bleach and soaps for same results