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Engine room detailing and bilge cleaning are specific jobs and some of our main expertise.

From more than 15 years Nautiel is specialized in providing services to MY and SY in Barcelona, Valencia and Mallorca. Detailing is some of our most important service after temporary protections.

We are specialists for wash down and interior detailing. From the engine room to the master cabin we will provide with 100% professional trained staff, rely on our expertise and leave our waters with your yacht in the best conditions.

Bilge cleaning

Bilge cleaning is a technical service and needs special trained workers, environmentally safe biodegradable heavy-duty bilge cleaner and specific waste management. Basic action is extracting solid parts when present, vaccum extra water when needed, scrub the bilge to remove sludge marks. Final vacum to remove the remaining soapy water. It is very important to ensure nothing gets into the harbour waters.

Sometimes an extra manual detailing is needed.

Engine room detailing

The engine room should be kept clean. If not just for personal pride and making it more user friendly, think about the benefits for the long lasting best conservation of motors. A complete engine room cleaning should be performed every year at least.

We are used to realise these cleaning in all engine rooms size, sailing and motor yachts.