How to install a ZIP shrinkable door

||How to install a ZIP shrinkable door

All shrink wrap services are different and this is some of the best advantages of the shrinkable protections. It helps protecting easily nearly anything. From a small working area to the biggest building and yachts.

ZIP shrinkable doorNautiel Service teams work shrinkable protections for years and we have been working on some very useful innovations.

One of these innovations is to propose special zip opening and U doors made in shrinkable high quality plastic.

We have created 4 zip shrinkable accessories:

  • 3 zip shrinkable opening you can install anywhere in any shrink wrap structure
  • 1 shrinkable U door ready to use.

ZIP shrinkable doorZIP shrinkable door installing

We will explain the very simple process of installing the opening.

  1. you protect your area normally and completely.
  2. Place the door in the desired position
  3. Fix the door with the patch tape or a special shrink adhesive
  4. Open the door
  5. Cut the inner foil, with a margin of at least 5 cm
  6. The door is installed !

You can see our video for more details.

You may find more information about our Shrink wrap services and our protections catalogue on our web site.

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