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For more than 20 years, Nautiel Service has devoted all its energy in cleaning, hygiene and maintenance of yachts.

The goal of our products is very clear : satisfy professionals and captains with a very high quality product and a perfect balance between effectiveness, efficiency and environmental preservation .

Hull and deck products

Best research results are used to propose best shampoo, degreasers and special products to ensure best maintenance of hull and decks on any size boat.

Your maintenance quit should include at least :

The Shampoo is the most general cleaner on board, with its equilibrate pH it is perfect for the weekly wash down of your unit. For a most environment friendly action, choose our wax free shampoo. We recommand using our wax free shampoo on any part of your yacht for general cleaning : gelcoat, painted areas, teak, vinyl, etc.

The nautical degreaser proposed by Nautiel is a perfect multi purpose product. From exaust stains, black stains on gelcoat, grease stains on gelcoat or painting, to vynil and tenders cleaning. As any degreaser, and even if our one is very pH equilibrated, it has to be totally rinsed after the cleaning. It means you might rinse and mop up at the same time to ensure all rest of product is gone. Nautiel degreaser is highly concentrated, you can use it pure for hard stains, or dilute for general cleaning as for example engine room cleaning.

This product is for specific cleaning of gelcoat on hull and deck. Perfect for gelcoat whitening and smal stains removal. Also acts as a perfect lime remover and discaler.

Rust cleaning and prevention is an important part of maintenance process on board. Nautiel Rust cleaner is a gel, it helps you wipe it precisely on the parts needing it and not to trickle on other parts of the boat. Perfect to be used on gelcoat, inox. The product also protects materials from new rust appearing.

A perfect complementary sponge for any specific cleaning such as discaling, rust removal, stain removal, etc. Helps getting better results using less chemical products or even just water depending the work to be done. Use with care, do not wrestle, works only when wet.

The Nautiel Product brand are a complete list of solutions for every problem and every needs on board.
With the acquisition of any of the products of this range , you are buying not just a product that amply fulfill its mission , but also the experience of a professional staff, who will support, guide you and advice you on any doubt referable to the application of the products and the best compatibility with the built materials supported on board.

Nautiel products are the result of a continuous research and experience in its application that guarantees the best results caring at the same time, to the user, materials and environment:
Simple to use, faster, effective and economics.

You may Oder directly on Nautiel e-shop or see more details about each product :