inflatable toys cleaning and maintenance

||inflatable toys cleaning and maintenance

Lately, the use of inflatable toys in large recreational craft is spreading.

Many large yachts invest large amounts in auxiliary toy sets for the amusement of the customers, whether we talk about charter, or the guests on the private yachts.

Slides over 12 meters long, jet skis or swimming pools are the most common elements, although there is a growing variety of elements and accessories such as climbing areas, trampolines, etc.

One of the most delicate questions of these new toys, for our experience in cleanliness and conservation, is precisely their maintenance.

The crews know it well, but this aspect is complicated due to the lack of space to carry out the work on board and the constraints of time to which they have to face due to changes of plans by the meteorological conditions, for example. These causes may impede or reduce the chances of performing these operations properly.

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Inflatable toys cleaning

It is necessary to desalt all the elements efficiently and to dry them well before being folded and stowed, taking into account that, in some elements, the tubular inflatables retain salt water making difficult its elimination. If this operation is not done within the required time, salt accumulations may stain the surfaces.

Needless to say, the retained moisture will generate fungi that are able to root among the various layers of vinyl of the inflatable toy in question, making their complete elimination unviable.

There is no worse image than inflating a slide and finding black areas of mushrooms, or salt goops, just when they are going to be used and after a good amount of hours working to inflate and place them properly secured in their location.

Inflatable Toys Maintenance

Nautiel Service advises the immediate removal of the vessel as soon as possible upon arrival at port. Re-inflate the elements for proper washing, rinsing and drying, check and repair of losses, and their correct bending to be stored in optimal conditions of conservation.

It is important to have a thorough cleaning, at least once each season, with proper protections and suitable products and procedures, to keep the inflatable toys in the best conditions of use and enjoyment.

Contact Nautiel in Barcelona, Palma or Valencia, we will ensure perfect inflatable toys cleaning, and advise you about maitenance !

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