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Interior cleaning and detailing is very important on board. Interior cleaning is the key for best looking and nice smelling interiors. Humidity, closed areas, complicated access zones, … a lot of elements make the interior cleaning more complicated and more important.

For interior cleaning Nautiel Products proposes a effective range of products.

Great cleaner and sanitizer including Bio-alcohol for a perfect cleaning of heads and bathrooms. Totally harmless for any materials, it can be used also in galley, kitchen, cool rooms, …

A new biological product specially prepared to eliminate odours in any surface. Specially recommended for maintenance of bathrooms, kitchen, galley. Can be used on textile also. Indispensable every week in drains of showers, bath, sinks, …

Perfect product for furniture cleaning.

Two great products for bilge cleaning. Our Bilge Cleaner incorporate solvents and it is to be used with care. The Bio Bilge Cleaner is a heavy-duty degreaser and gives you same cleaning power but solvent free. Just try it and you won’t be able to use a classical bilge cleaner any more.