Mattress cleaning Mallorca

||Mattress cleaning Mallorca

Mattresses are some of the most important elements to clean and disinfect on board. Depending on the frequency of use, a deep cleaning is recommended at least once at year.

There are different systems to clean them and sanitize.

Dry system mattress cleaning

This system will not remove the stains but ensures the sanitization of the mattress thanks to UV technology and deep vacuuming with a rotary brush.

This system is good option for mattresses in good condition. In addition, it can be used immediately.

Wet system mattress cleaning

The mattress is cleaned, sanitized, free of dust mites and solid particles, thanks to the injection of water and disinfectant or special detergents on the fabric but it will remain wet for a few hours. This system is perfect to remove draw marks and stains.

Tips for mattress maintenance on board

  • Be aware of mould and mildew.
  • Regularly, vacuum your mattresses on both sides removing as much dust as possible.
  • Turn and flip your mattresses every few months. In the case of spills or detecting damp stains, ensure that the mattress is thoroughly dried and as soon as possible.  The best way is to let it dry outside on a warm, sunny, not-too-humid day. The sunlight will help to dry it faster and the UV light of the sunrays will act like a natural disinfectant.
  • Do not treat your mattresses with any kind of chemical product, or over wet with water, it might get worse and create a permanent stain.
  • These maintenance habits will help you to notice any sign of mould or mildew, stains, etc. also preventing deformation of the sleeping area.
  • For flame retardant treated mattresses, or further information contact a specialized company, we will analyse the problem and perform the best procedure to treat them properly.

Mattress cleaning Mallorca

We have shared some photos from our last service on board a super yacht in Palma, a few days ago. Spring and Summer are the best seasons to perform mattress maintenance and care.

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