Ozone treatment on board Super Yacht

||Ozone treatment on board Super Yacht

Ozone is found at the stratosphere level known as ozonosphere due to the high concentration of this gas. It serves as a shield against high energy radiation, but lets the ultraviolet light through, helping bring life to earth.
Nowadays’ technology allows us to imitate the temperature, pressure, light and electricity conditions of the ozonosphere to generate ozone in a constant and safe way with devices that can be easily set up at home or at the workspace.

Disinfection with ozone

The ozone molecule contains three Oxygen atoms. Oxygen contains only two. That’s why ozone is a powerful oxidant and disinfectant (from 40 to 60 times more fast and powerful than oxygen, and between 600 and 3000 times more powerful than chlorine and its variants). Its fast performance makes it perfect for quick odour elimination treatments and environmental hygiene, being capable of inactivating 99% of virus and pathogen bacterias within any environment, from hospitals to regular apartments.

Its is very recommended and it is highly used in urban residual water treatments to inactivate pathogens and reduce the odour emission.

When disinfecting the interior of a boat, ozone is a highly efficient odour eliminator, and even more after a previous cleaning. Its use is required regularly to grant hygienic conditions on charter boats of any size, and also when selling a yacht, before a sanitary inspection, in galleys, etc…

Its periodical application keeps the air-conditioning circuits free from fungus and spores which can deliver allergens that could affect our health.

Sustainable disinfection

Combining high-pressure vapor for surfaces and the ozone as environmental treatment we can assure a total disinfection in the most natural and sustainable way possible. It is a perfect combination for galleys, cold rooms, etc.

Certified disinfection

Proving the professional and rigorous work done onboard is a vital requirement for any client.

We take samples of every area before cleaning to be able to show the great results afterwards. We guarantee a total hygiene, and we send our clients the results of the analysis.

We also provide a disinfection certificate, accepted by all spanish autorities in case of higiene inspections onboard. Contact us for more details and advises upon Spanish legislation.

Each of our teams of Barcelona, Palma and Valencia are equipped with ozone generator, high-
pressure vaporisers and sustainable products to provide the most appropriate treatments.

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