Remove bilge odor

||Remove bilge odor

The smells in the bilges, are usualy caused by oily waste, fuels, and other waste, mixed with seawater in the lower part of your boat. We could come to believe that it’s part of the “normal” boat smell.
The natural, until now, to remove bilge odors, was a complete cleaning with a good bilge cleaner, aspirate all residual emulsified mixture. That is the most effective and durable solution. But we may not be able to carry it out, at least quickly.

biomicrodorIn these circumstances, we do not have to stand these unpleasant odors, we can remove them a very simple way.

Product Nautiel proposes a biological odor eliminator: Bio Microdor, based on bacteria. This product, result of thorough microbiological studies, garranty the elimination of odors in most environments on board : bilges, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, garbage, boxes, fabrics and clothes …

While it includes some perfume, its great power is actually to remove odor production on the surface or material to which it has been applied.
And if you’ve opted for the complete cleaning of the bilge, take the opportunity to leave some Bio Microdor at the bottom and ensure an odor free boat.
I advise recently David, a yacht charter skipper of a magnificent classic Dutch sailing boat, to use BioMicrodor as he had small oil leak while navigating, causing a lingering smell, especially in the living room.
After application of Bio Microdor directly to the bilge and the engine room, the smell disappeared: “We are very pleased with the product Bio Microdor, a fantastic odor remover”


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