Shrink wrap structures

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These temporary spaces guarantee an efficient protection while any kind of work is taking place.
Despite the weather conditions the ship will be safe and the confined area will facilitate the job to the workers allowing them to work better with the most secure conditions.

Confined areas are perfect for painting jobs at dry docks and they can cover all the surface or just a part of the boat.

Shrink wrap structures allow you to comply with all security regulations like flame retardant components, emergency accesses, air quality in confined areas… They also protect from pollution, dust, paint, rain, etc… and keep the neighbor ships and the environment safe from any inconvenience caused by the reparations or work taking place.

Isolating part of the yacht

In particular cases such as fiber works, carpentry, painting and varnishing, welding, etc… it is mandatory to isolate certain parts of the yacht to avoid damaging other areas. 

At Nautiel Service we offer a wide range of adapted solutions in each case made with extra-resistant and fireproof materials following the safety regulations in force.