Teak cleaner for the yachting industry

||Teak cleaner for the yachting industry

Spring will arrive soon in West Mediterranean marinas and we are pleased to introduce you our teak cleaning product Nautiel Bio Teak Enzymatic, as well as  share photos of works carried out by our teams in several Spanish ports such as Valencia, Barcelona and Mallorca.

Bio teak cleanerLaunched few years ago, Bio Teak Enzymatic,  offers you the opportunity to upgrade teak cleaning on the most natural and ecological way that exists. This is one-step teak cleaner product provides the best results in any dirt conditions.

To complete the cleaning, our new Nautiel Teak Brightener can optionally be used to give a more golden, natural and new looking colour to your teak deck.

Our Nautiel Service experts offers you the possibility of either advise your crew about the best system to ensure a correct and efficient teak cleaning process, or ask for a quotation to let our team do it for you.

One step Bio teak cleaner

Our Bio teak cleaner is a one-step cleaner; presenting a low environmental and human impact and giving your teak a longer period of preservation. Thanks to its powerful action, brings back the original teak colour in an organic manner: 100% biological, powered only by natural enzymes and bacteria.

  • High performancemarpol
  • Perfect clean in one operation
  • Friendly with the teak and caulking, heavy with the dirt.
  • Safe for all yacht deck materials
  • Save up to 30% water consumption
  • Save time and effort
  • Marpol Annex V compliance

Simple cleaning procedure

Our Bio Teak Enzymatic Cleaner is easier and safer to use than majority of two-step products available in the market.

Bio Teak cleaner for superyachtWith the simple step of applying the dilution over the teak, the enzymes that dwell in it will activate and start bringing the dirt to the surface. Just scrub and rinse off for a clean teak deck!

As the product is harmless and biological you are able to clean the deck without those hot rubber boots in summer that you use to protect your feet against heavy chemicals. If the product happens to dry on the teak deck, easily pour some more dilution or water and continue your cleaning process. Finally, just rinse with water and you are done!

Perfect for super yachts

Bio Teak cleanerOur product format is presented in powder, bringing 900gr or 4 kg boxes available to you. It is possible to store for a long time and it makes it perfect for large yachts. Nautiel Bio Teak Enzymatic will not damage paints, non-skid areas, caulking, varnished surfaces, stainless steel fittings or brass found in classical sail yachts, having an excellent performance up to 90 sqm with the 900gr box.

For large teak deck areas we use our special soft brushes rotary machine which helps to achieve the best results in short working time.

Teak cleaning service

Do not hesitate to call us for a free quote and carry out your yacht teak cleaning service in Mallorca, Barcelona, Valencia and their regions.

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