Temporary protection Barcelona

||Temporary protection Barcelona

Refit : protect first!

Providing good temporary protection is the first job to be done when a boat arrives in the yard for a complete or partial refit. Even for specific maintenance, good protections are to be installed in order to ensure best conservation of all elements on board.

temporary protection barcelona

During maintenance or refit quite a significant number of professionals will come on board, walking the decks, corridors, engine rooms, … Specific contamination and dust will result from the refit (lime, smoke, paintings, varnish, fibre particles, …) and can affect your yacht surfaces.

Depending the job to be done on board your yacht may need some more specific protections : flame retardant, temperature resistant, ventilation, …

Temporary protection Barcelona

Our team is operating temporary protection in Barcelona for more than 10 years working in all Super Yachts and Mega Yachts refit in Marina Barcelona 92 and other yards or harbour such as Port Forum. Port Vell, and also in Tarragona and Villanova.

From our experience we will bring to your ship :

– time saving : professional temporary protections will save time through all work to be done on board and specially reducing the need of an extra post refit cleaning.

– money saving : using the exact time and materials needed to protect correctly without extra cost

– Peace of mind : No better situation for captain and crew that having a great team of professional protecting the boat before anyone comes on board. Deck corridors, top rails, hand rails, Windows or interior furniturs, lamps, …

Professional protections – feel the difference

Any one can pull a sheet of carpet or cardboard on the ground, but this sort of “protections” not only are not enough, they may be dangerous for your boat and the people working on board.

Protections are to be totally fixed to avoid any accident for workers and crew and avoid friction with gelcoat, teak, metals, painted surface, …

The great looking of our protections are not only “art” it is the simplest way to verify quickly and easily the job has been very well done and everything is correctly protected and safe before refit starts.

Nautiel deploys large trained teams to ensure a rapid protection of your boat, saving time and money, not only in Barcelona, also all around Spain : Barcelona, Majorca, Valencia, Denia, Alicante, Marbella, Cadiz.

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