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||Limpiaoxidos Nautiel

I first came across Nautiel “Limpiaoxidos” rust remover about 10 years ago.  A yacht next to me told me I had to try this stuff.  I did and wow.  This stuff is like magic.  It is not often that you come across a product that works so amazingly well.  I have been hooked on it every since.  If a rating of 5 stars is  excellent, this product deserves 6 stars.

We winter our yacht over the winter.  When we come back, there are invariably small yellow spots all over the exterior surface.  I just spray Limpiaoxicos on them and they disappear all on their own.  Once we completely wash the yacht down, it looks nice and clean.  But if I spray Limpaiaoxidos very lightly over the whole surface and brush to even it out, the boat gets 3 shades lighter until it looks like a brand new yacht.  Yeah, I have recommended this product.   I will keep recommend this product.

Alan Wheeler

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